How to Play Vinnie Jones Card Chase and What It Is

 How to Play Vinnie Jones Card Chase and What It Is

Vinnie has been quite active since we last discussed Vinnie Jones Blackjack. Vinnie Jones Card Chase is another hit that Real Dealer Studios produced in partnership with the man himself. This time, he lends his charm and style to the Hi Lo game. What then is the meaning of this title?



An explanation of Vinnie Jones Card Chase

In essence, Vinnie Jones Card Chase is a variation on the game Hi Lo, where the dealer is none other than Vinnie Jones himself, via the use of augmented reality. Similar to the previous release, this one is more of a series of Vinnie's reactions and observations while you play the game. However, Real Dealer Studios has done a fantastic job of replicating the vibe of a live casino game.

The player only has access to one hand and all of the regular Hi Lo rules apply. One 52-card deck is used for the game, and it is shuffled before each round of play. Vinnie's filmed movies are used by Real Dealer Studios to suit every scenario and stage in the game. Also, a display reveals the player’s overall progress through the game rounds and round 15 hides a prize.

Without further ado, let us dive into the basics of gameplay.

How to Play Card Chase with Vinnie Jones

The typical Hi Lo experience is the same as with this RDS title. Vinnie tells you to move when the first card is drawn on the left to begin the game. His comments are a reflection of his charming and caring personality. In any circumstance, he is your biggest salesman and is constantly supportive.

The goal of the game is to guess whether the following card on the right will be higher or lower than the previous card on the left, keeping in mind the initial card. An Ace is worth one, and a King is worth fourteen. The Lower and Higher alternatives are indicated by the two buttons on the screen, respectively 카지노사이트

You will receive the reward in that scenario if your choice is the right one. Because the reward for each combination varies, we refer to it as a scenario. The payoff decreases in proportion to the likelihood that the following card will be higher or lower, and vice versa. This indicates that if you have a Queen, there is a good possibility the next card will be lower, which will result in a smaller reward. Gamers have the option to take a bold prediction and wager on the low odd selections, which will increase their payout if they are right.

A new card will be dealt immediately in the event that a King or an Ace are dealt; nevertheless, the round will remain unchanged. Be aware that a new round begins when a wager is changed.

Additional Features

The multiplier round is the game's primary feature. The game's fifteenth round is a multiplier round. Your current bet amount is saved for the course of the round. Following a wager in this unique round, a multiplier with a value ranging from x2 to x200 is chosen at random. In the event that you win the fifteenth round, you receive your prize as normal and multiply it by the specified amount.

The Skip button is another less visually appealing element, but it's still functional. The player can alter the card show without having to place a wager thanks to the skip function. Every fifth round of play yields skips, which you can use in any round of the game—even the multiplier round. Employing a skip does not begin a new game round.


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